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Beijing Capital International Airport
General Information
Airport Name: Beijing Capital International Airport
Phone Number: +86-10-64541100
Airport Code: IATA: PEK, ICAO: ZBAA
Website: en.bcia.com.cn
Address: Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited, Capital Airport, Beijing, China

General: Beijing Capital International Airport is located in northeast of Beijing, capital of People's Republic of China, and 25.35km from the Tiananmen Square, center of Beijing city. It is not only an aviation gateway of Beijing and a window for international communication, but also a radial center for China civil aviation network, featured in a large-scale international airport, with most important location, biggest scale, fullest facilities and busiest transportation in China.

The Passenger Terminal 1, covering an area of 60,000 sq. meters, and auxiliary facilities, including parking apron and car parks, officially put into service on January 01st 1980. Terminal 1 was designed to serve 60 flights daily and 1,500 passengers at peak hours. The facilities at flight areas of the expanded Beijing Capital International Airport was meeting the 4E standards required by International Civil Aviation Organization.

The Terminal 2, covering an area of 336,000 sq. meters and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, officially went into operation on November 01st 1999. Terminal 2 is able to handle 26,500,000 passengers yearly and 9,210 passengers at peak hours.

The new terminal T3 was opened on February 29, 2008. It is the largest airport terminal building complex built in a single phase with 986,000 sq. meters in total floor area. It features a main passenger terminal (Terminal 3C), two satellite concourses (Terminal 3D and Terminal 3E) and five floors above ground and two underground.
Taxi - Taxis are available at the airport. Passengers are advised to go to taxi station to take the authorized taxi. Rates: 10 yuan for the first 3 km, 2 yuan per additional km, 50 % added per km over 16 km. All taxis has price counter you can pay as the counter. If need you must pay the highway fee or the bridge building fee.

Bus - Please check the newest timetable of shuttle bus at the Dispatch Centre of Capital Airport. List of shuttle bus routes:

No.1: Airport - Fangzhuang | Stops: Liangmaqiao / Hujialou / Dabeiyao (World Trade Centre) / Panjiayuan / Shilihe (KingWing Hot Spring International Hotel) / Fangzhuang (Guiyou Shopping Mall)

No.2: Airport - Xidan | Stops: Sanyuanqiao / Dongzhimen / DongsishitiaoBridge / Xidan (Civil AviationBuilding)

No.3: Airport - Beijing Railway Station | Stops: Yuyang Hotel / Dongdaqiao / Chaoyangmen / Yabaolu / Beijing Railway Station

No.4: Airport - Gongzhufen | Stops: China International Exhibition Centre / Xibahe / AnzhenBridge / MadianBridge / Beitaipingzhuang / JimenBridge / Friendship Hotel / Beijing TV Station / ZizhuBridge / HangtianBridge / Gongzhufen (Xinxing Hotel)

No.5: Airport - Zhongguancun | Stops: Wangjing (Huajiadi) / Xiaoying / AisanGamesVillage (AnhuiBridge) / XueyuanBridge / Zhongguancun Bridge

Parking Lot - The Parking Lot has a total area of 170,000 sq meters with 2 floors above ground and 4 below, equipped with excellent facilities. Voice presentation is provided by the automated card dispatcher at the entrance. 24-hour consulting service is offered at the Parking Lot. Electronic display screen guiding system for parking and 24-hour video recording security system is available at the Parking Lot.
Change Room For Passengers - T1, the west of baggage claim hall on 1st floor. T2, located near the No.4 turn plate at the international luggage hall and the east side of No.14 turn plate at the domestic luggage hall. T3, there are four locker rooms all equipped with mirrors, tabletops, chairs, hangers in Baggage Claim Hall: South of Eastern Domestic Baggage Claim Hall of T3-C; South of Western Domestic Baggage Claim Hall of T3-C; South of International Baggage Claim Hall of T3-C.

Public phone - T1/T2, two kinds of public phones are supplied for your use in the airport building - common IC phone and web phone. T3, visible multimedia telephone sets are located at some entrances of the terminal, which are also near boarding gates in the lounge. Each telephone set has a special panel for you to receive or send an email and inquire about various information. IC card telephone sets are available everywhere in the terminal. Near by some IC card telephone sets are IC card counters or vending machine.

Water Fountain - Three kinds of watering services supplied in the airport building. Forty sets of common pure water (allocate one-off envelope like paper cups); Twelve sets of automatic watering machine (with two curving tubes for receiving water) that supply cold, hot and icy water for direct drink; Eight sets of automatic electronic heater.

Commercial Center - T1, Location: East of 2nd floor, commercial service will be provide for you including receiving and transmitting facsimile, zerox, printing, charge to mobile phone, online for PC and personal workstation for those with PC. T2, only parts of commercial centers provide document binding, selling IC phone card. T3, provides you fax, copy, cell phone recharging (with charger provided for yourself), internet access services as well as personal workstation. Location: in the corridor in the west of Domestic-to-Domestic Transfer Hall at 2nd Floor of T3-C. Digital Harbor at 1st Floor of central area in International Lounge of T3-E

Banks - Providing such services as deposits of RMB, main kinds of foreign currencies and credit card service, domestic draft, check, remittance and international remittance, exchange foe foreign currencies commissioned selling and exchanges the travelers' checks. ATM and automatic exchanging machine are installed in many places in the airport building so as to meet your demand of service to the largest extent.

Post office - Express delivery, remittance, sale of books & newspaper, parcel or letter mailing, sale of IC card, IP card and prepaid cell phone card are available in post office. Location: T2, East of 1st floor hall; T3, East of 1st Floor hall of T3-C.

Clinic - Provides service as visiting patients in airport building, first aid and receiving and sending by ambulance, transmitting patients, and prepare all kinds of first-aid medicines and medicines in common use. Location: T1/T2, On the opposite of No.12 gate of the domestic leaving hall at the second floor; T3, west of Arrival Hall of 2nd Floor of T3-C (round the clock), beside the opposite to C07 boarding gate in Domestic Lounge at 3rd Floor of T3-C, central area in International Lounge at 2nd Floor of T3-E.

Mother-Baby Nursing Room - It provides a private space for mothers to replace diapers for their babies, nurse their babies and have a rest temporarily. Located beside most of toilets, Mother-Baby Nursing Room has baby care platform, water pool, chairs and other facilities so that mothers can take care of their babies with ease for the convenience of them.

Children's Playing Space - It is located in the east of Arrival Hall at 2nd Floor of T3-C, where various toys and interesting cartoon programs are available at any time. Children can have a good time here (under construction) and while away the time.

Smoking Room - T1, near the east and west remote stands; T2, to meet your demand of smoking, six smoking rooms are set up in the air building, which are at the two lounge regions for the later flights at the first floor and No.7, No.14 international boarding gates and No.28, No.36 international boarding gates respectively; T3, 26 smoking rooms are located in many places in the lounge of T3.

Rest Room - Providing many kinds of comfortable services, please inquire the particular position to the information desks.

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