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Xining Caojiabu Airport
General Information
Airport Name: Xining Caojiabu Airport
Phone Number: +86-971-8188222
Airport Code: IATA: XNN, ICAO: ZGSZ
Website: www.cwag-xn.com
Address: Gaizhai Village, Huzhu County, Haidong Prefecture, Qinghai, 810000, China

General: Xining Airport was put into service on December 27, 1991. It is located in Gaozhai, Huzhu County, Xining Qinghai, elevation 2178 meters, 28 kilometers from Xining downtown, it is a 4D-class trunk airport. In November 2005 completed the first expansion project, the terminal area increased to 10,727 square meters, to meet the 2010 passenger throughput of 860,000 passengers a year, peak hour 518 passengers, cargo and mail throughput of 9,500 tons a year. In 2009 Xining airport 2nd expansion project was started up and 2.22 billion yuan invested, the whole project includes construction of a new 3,800 m runway, extending 800 meters to the existing runway as new taxiway, the new 160,000 m2 apron, stands increased to 33 and 42,000 square meters terminal. October 20, 2011, the new 3,800 meters runway was put in use. July 23, 2013, new-built T2 Terminal was officially opened, passenger throughput can supported to 4 million a year.
Airport Shuttle Bus:

Xining Airport <==> Xining (Bayi Road Xining Airport City Terminal)

1. Xining Airport departing time: Adjusted according to flight arrival time

2. Xining departing time: From 6:00

3. Stop List:

Xining Airport -> Xining: Xining Airport, Qinghai Hotel, Central Square, Xinning Hotel, Wuyi Road, Qiyi Road, Xining (Bayi Road Xining Airport City Terminal)

Xining -> Xining Airport: Xining (Bayi Road Xining Airport City Terminal), Xining Airport

4. Ticket Price: 21 yuan


Fares and Transit Times: base fare 6 yuan (3 km), distance fare 1.3 yuan per km. Negotiation price 80 - 100 yuan.
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